We are a thriving community-owned co-operative with roots across the Hastings and Camden Haven - committed to building better communities through diverse and competitive services and retail solutions.

With a proud 103 year history, we continue to grow and diversity to benefits members, customers and employees. They are at the heart of everything we do - from rewarding members who are part of the Co-op family and giving back to local groups and charities, to being one of the largest employers of youth and showcasing local producers in our stores.

Employing more than 300 locals in 22 businesses across the region, we have eight distinct business units including: fuel, supermarkets, liquor stores, department stores, hardware and rural supplies, cafes, condiment manufacturing and car hire.

By turnover we are now the second largest consumer/retail co-operative in Australia, and one of the longest serving independent co-ops in Australia, which is a testament to the group of local dairy farmers who saw the benefit of joining forces back in 1916.

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